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Support Group Session


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Capacity-Building for Health-Based Initiatives and Ministries with EHE Enhanced Strategies.


CHIMES is an educational training program designed for faith-based entities and individuals. The program teaches basic health promotion, health education, practical health care skills for laypersons, diversity, and inclusion, and HIV education faith-based entities and individuals. There is a fee associated with this training however, with support via funds from the Compass Initiative Faith Capacity Building Grant Initiative, some attendees can train for free.

Topics are taught by an experienced public health professional with private health experience. Topic includes:

  • Assessing your faith-based members' needs

  • Understanding your existing people resources

  • What is Wellness?

  • Social Determinants of Health

  • Top Five Health Issues in BIPOC populations

  • Nutrition

  • HIV and Ending the HIV Epidemic

  • Designing your Health Ministry Wellness Strategic Plan and Calendar


The training includes certificates of completion in: 

  • CPR

  • Vital Signs

  • HIV

  • Beginner's Grant Writing

  • Mental Health Education




Sign Up! First Come, First Served.

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Comfort in CoParenting

Helping parents work together

The goal of Comfort in Coparenting is to provide assessments, high-level educational sessions, family mediation services, coaching (using motivational interviewing and coaching techniques), mentoring and modeling, and referrals to counseling services and/or case management services to facilitate a healthier co-parenting relationship. The program is designed to engage families for a minimum of three months.

Comfort in Coparenting targets couples who are pregnant of parenting at any age, marital status, sexual orientation, or gender. The program is designed to effectively reach and enroll low-income (according to 2021 Federal Poverty Guidelines) BIPOC couples/parents. Given the time-intensive nature of the program’s services, Comfort in Coparenting seeks to serve 10 couples per program year. Each participant will receive up to six hours of family mediation (resulting in a parenting time plan) and ongoing coaching and mentoring services.

Inspiration and Change Inc. Does not provide legal services or advice.

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Faith-Based Projects

Ending the HIV Epidemic

Stay Up-to-Date and

Enroll in the Commitment to Mobilize! 

As public health professionals, we cannot do it alone. We need your skill, your relationships, your reputation, and your wisdom to make our communities healthier. Whatever you can commit to, big or small, WILL make a difference. We welcome all faith-based entities. This includes all denominations of churches, ministries, groups, those unaffiliated, and other entities motivated by faith, a higher power, or religion. This educational program is a safe space for everyone. 

The BaBa Project

Fatherhood Education and Support Services

The BaBa Project is a unique program that is designed for fathers of all ages who reside in the Central Florida area and have children between the ages of 0-18. This program provides education and support services designed to reduce the burden on fathers who do not have the knowledge of or support to establish or utilize their parental rights in the State of Florida. The ultimate intent is to facilitate and support healthier father-child and co-parenting relationships. 

The BaBa Project will conduct at least 12 Fatherhood Legitimacy Education Workshops (FLEW) each program year. These workshops will provide education on father’s rights, provide legitimization forms, and provide assistance (not legal advice) in completing and filing this documentation. The project seeks to assist a minimum of 100 fathers each program year.

Inspiration and Change Inc. Does not provide legal services or advice.

The BaBa Project
Comfort in CoParenting
Online Class

Education and Training

Learning and Growing

  • Certified Community Health Worker Training

  • Public Health and Nonprofit Education & Training

  • Allied Health Training

  • Workshops

  • Classes

  • Training for individuals, groups, and other organizations and businesses.

Education and Training
Free Blood Pressure Checks pic_edited.png

Community Blood Pressure Monitoring Program


  • Free Blood Pressure Screenings at Our Office

    • By walk-in when the office is open and trained staff are available​

    • By appointment and walk-in on Wednesdays

  • Health Education

  • Access to a Community Health Worker/Advocate

  • Linkages to Health Care

Using laptop

Digital Health Equity Program

Access to the Internet and the Skills to Use It Matters

The digital divide is a term that refers to the gap between demographics and regions that have access to modern information and communications technology (ICT), and those that don't or have restricted access (Tech Target, 2021). In response, we provide:


  • Free Education on Computer Usage and Cell Phone Usage

  • Free Education and Information on Telemedicine, Telehealth Services and Finding Health Information and Resources Online

  • Assistance Signing up for Free Equipment

  • Education and Advocacy to Support Digital Access and Inclusion for Underrepresented End Users.

All ages are welcome. Don't forget to share with your parents and grandparents

See if you qualify for free internet service, cellular service, or help buying a laptop.


Digital Health Equity
Free BP Checks
Other Services
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SAYIT Young Woman.png


Are you Covid-19 negative? HIV negative? We want you to say it with your TEST!

Saying it with your chest is a colloquial phrase, often used in communities of color. It means to say it with confidence--say it without doubt. It means to STAND ON IT. 


It is important we KNOW our health status without making unsafe assumptions. We need to be able to say with confidence that we are healthy and well. That goes for any type of health concern or issue.


Our Say It With Your Test Campaign wants you to know your status. No matter the test, we want you to BE SURE, you are in an optimal state of wellness. 

There is only one way to know...GET TESTED!


We want to help make that easier. We have free HIV and Covid-19 self-testing kits. That means you can take these tests in the privacy of your home!

Just text the letters SAYIT (one word) to 66866. Thanks to a partnership with the Hope and Help Center of Central Florida, we can offer you a $20 gift card for taking the HIV self-test. 

You can also request a test kit by texting 407.964.1056 

We are planning to add more health testing options. If you are interested in partnering, please contact us.

Donation Center

Other Services

Health Services, Social Support, and Referrals

  • CLIA Waived Laboratory Services/Point of Care Laboratory services--limited

  • HIV testing, counseling

  • Food assistance/referrals

  • Clothing assistance/referrals

  • Toiletries

  • Transportation assistance/referrals

  • Other services

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